Wes Aull Bio Photo


Working as a serial entrepreneur after becoming a CPA, Wes Aull synthesized his skills of fundamental and quantitative analysis to found JTW Capital, a startup / NY-based asset manager. The firm employs a multi-factor investment philosophy, harnessing systems theory and rigorous quantitative analysis to manage a portfolio of publicly-traded securities.

Wes seeks insights into the pricing behavior of assets through a diverse set of sources: models for complex adaptive systems from ecology & biology, investor psychology from behavioral finance, earnings quality analysis from accounting, mental models for perennial asset characteristics from long-dated historical studies, and non-linear price changes through feedback loops & reflexivity from systems theory and philosophy. He leads the firm with a willingness to synthesize across investment philosophies and frameworks as the cornerstone for the firm’s future success.

Wes is a member of the AICPA with over ten years of experience in public accounting and holds its credential for business valuation (ABV).  He holds degrees from Columbia University (Master of Business Administration), University of Texas at Austin (Master of Professional Accounting), and University of Kentucky (Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Economics).